Michael Malpass 1946 – 1991

In my sculpture I use found objects that have been transformed by either forging or slicing on a bandsaw. The industrial shapes are composed of iron, steel, brass, bronze or copper. The new shape is again forged into an arc, then the equal arcs are welded (brazed) together to form the sphere. Depending on the finish, they may be ground and polished, wire brushed or painted. This work in itself is labor intensive, work that I truly enjoy.

In my work there is an element of discovery, for what I do is take what people have discarded, change the objects, rearrange objects, weld objects and grind the objects to fit a sphere. I recycle but also elevate. The scrap is given importance because it becomes part of the whole and visually interlocks with the adjoining shape. It is, in a small way, revivalization.

Discovery is important. This is a significant aspect of what I believe. I find the pieces in the scrap yard. I discover the shapes inside as I cut. I discover syncopated rhythms and their complementary contrasts in a simple form. It is a great joy to me. If I can share that with the viewer, that sense of discovery, then that is good.

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